New Captain America 4 Set Photos Tease Major Character Death

New photos from the set of Captain America: New World Order suggest that not everyone in the upcoming MCU film will survive. 
Sam Wilson Attends a Funeral in Captain America 4New Captain America: New World Order set photos, posted by JustJared, have made their way online and show several cast members, including Anthony Mackie"s Sam Wilson, at a cemetery. 
In the photos below, Sam Wilson appears to be attending a military funeral at a cemetery as noted by the cast"s uniforms and the tombstones in the background. 
It"s also important to note that Sam Wilson is wearing a sling, suggesting that he will suffer a significant injury at some point in the film.
In addition, Liv Tyler, who will reprise her role as Betty Ross for Captain America 4, was also spotted at the cemetery shoot. 
Since Sam Wilson"s Cap and Liv Tyler"s Betty Ross are both present in this scene, it"s likely that the character who passed away is a significant one with potential connections to them both. 
Captain America: New World Order arives in theaters on May 3, 2024.
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