The Mandalorian Breakout Actor Reveals Star Trek Casting Dream After Spin-Off Cancelation

Breakout The Mandalorian star Paul Sun-Hyung Lee has revealed that he'd love to be cast in a future Star Trek project. Lee, who debuted as Adelphi Ranger Captain Carson Teva on The Mandalorian season 2 wants to join the small rank of Star Wars actors who also appeared in Star Trek properties alongside the likes of George Takei and Simon Pegg.
Lee responded to a question about his future - and specifically calls to lead a revival of Kim's Convenience - to talk about his upcoming role on the live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender TV show and his dream of being cast in two other huge sci-fi franchises:
He also hit back at outrageous suggestions from fans that it's impossible to love both Star Trek and Star Wars, and that there's some unwritten rule that you can't be cast in both. Given Rangers of the New Republic's cancelation, Lee deserves the opportunity to show his starship piloting skills, and Star Trek could be the perfect way to answer the call.


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