Deadpool 3 Reportedly Includes These Loki Actors (Rumor)

Marvel Studios" Deadpool 3 is now rumored to feature a couple of key characters from the MCU"s Loki series on Disney+.
Even outside of Deadpool 3 bringing Hugh Jackman back for one final run as Wolverine, the highly-anticipated threequel is building up an impressive cast list not including the Adamantium-adorned veteran mutant.
Casting for this new movie has been sporadic over the last few months, first kicking off in March 2022 when Reynolds confirmed that Leslie Uggams’ Blind Al would come back from the first two movies.
The Crown"s Emma Corrin also landed a role as the threequel"s undisclosed villain, and that doesn"t even take into account the potential MCU mainstays that could interact with Wade Wilson for the first time in this story as well.
Loki Characters Reportedly Joining Deadpool 3Insider Jeff Snider joined John Rocha"s The Hot Mic podcast, revealing that Owen Wilson"s Mobius and Tara Strong"s Miss Minutes are set to appear in the MCU"s Deadpool 3.
Marvel StudiosSneider explained that this movie will feature "Deadpool taking on the TVA," leading to Wilson and Strong"s inclusion in the cast:
"This is the rumor on the street that "Deadpool 3" is Deadpool taking on the TVA. And so, as a result, with "Deadpool 3," I hear Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius and Tara Strong’s Miss Minutes will be in "Deadpool 3…""
Marvel StudiosThis comes after a rumor from Daniel Richtman noted that Wilson would play a big role in Deadpool 3, which was said to bring the Time Variance Authority into play for the first time since Loki.
While Sneider didn"t know if Tom Hiddleston"s Loki would be in the movie, he noted how Wilson and Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy go back to their days working on the Night at the Museum movies together:
Rocha: "Wow. But, no Loki?"
Sneider: "Don’t know if Loki’s in "Deadpool 3" but I’ve heard that Owen Wilson and Tara Strong are going to be in "Deadpool 3." And if you think about Shawn Levy and Owen Wilson go back a ways. They did the "Night at the Museum" movies together. So it wouldn’t shock me if Shawn Levy got his old pal Owen Wilson in this movie as Agent Mobius."
Loki and Deadpool"s MCU Stories CollidingThis report certainly gives more of a foundation for Mobius and Miss Miss Minutes" inclusion in this movie, indicating just how big of a role the TVA has as Deadpool crosses over into the MCU for the first time.
And with the threequel also rumored to be the first MCU movie that truly tackles the concept of the Multiverse, it only makes sense that the organization that looks over all of space and time will be at the forefront of the plot.
Seeing Mobius and Miss Minutes interacting with Deadpool will only up the comedy factor as the Merc with a Mouth makes his MCU debut, taking the antics that they delivered in Loki to a whole new level in this R-rated setting.
Now, the big questions that remain revolve around who else will join this massively stacked cast for Deadpool 3, with Mobius and Miss Minutes only adding to the excitement that"s already built up for this threequel.
Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have already looked at possibilities like Chris Hemsworth"s Thor, and with this likely being the final movie of Phase 5, dozens of other heroes and villains could join that list as well.
Deadpool 3 will arrive in theaters on November 8, 2024.


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