MCU: New Disney+ Secret Invasion Villain Details Revealed (Report)

New details have come to light about the villains in the MCU"s newest upcoming Disney+ show, Secret Invasion.
Secret Invasion is set to be arguably the biggest MCU Disney+ show yet, being officially designated as the MCU"s first true "crossover event" (although it"s still a mystery what that truly means).
The villains set to take on Nick Fury and Talos in this series will be a sect of rogue Skrulls that have invaded Earth over the past few years, which will force the unlikely duo to team up in order to figure out which MCU characters are imposters.
After a piece of merchandise revealed that the "rogue Skrull leader Gravik" will be the series" big bad in September 2022, another new rumor gives fans new insight into this upcoming antagonist.
Secret Invasion Rumor Teases Villain Details MarvelThe Cosmic Circus revealed new details about the Skrulls" villainous plans in the 2023 Disney+ series, Secret Invasion.
The rumor partially explained why the series is taking place in Russia, noting that this country and its neighbors will serve as key locations for the rogue Skrull group led by Kingsley Ben-Adir"s antagonist.
One specific region of Russia will reportedly play a key role in the rogue Skrulls" plans, with the location potentially being the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. However, it"s unclear if it will be revealed as Chernobyl or if it will just be an undisclosed nuclear power plant.
HBOThe Skrulls are said to be building a device in the underground levels of the plant, which was shown in the trailer that premiered at the D23 Fan Expo, and the device requires a great deal of power.
While it"s still unknown what the device does, the theory going strong right now is that it will be used to create the MCU"s Super Skrulls.
Will Secret Invasion Introduce Super Skrulls? Marvel ComicsWith a dozen huge names confirmed and rumored for appearances in this series, these new rumblings only ramp up the stakes even further for what the MCU"s take on the Secret Invasion storyline could deliver.
Other merchandise has teased the idea of a "Skrull God" being utilized in this series, which could be what eventually leads to the Super Skrulls being created later in the plot. 
Unfortunately, the show was rumored to be facing a significant delay from its original Spring 2023 release date with the story most likely not hitting Disney+ until sometime in June.
Once the story does come to life, the Skrulls will once again become a vital part of the MCU"s greater Earth-bound story as fans wait to find out who could be looking to take over the world.
Secret Invasion will premiere on Disney+ later this year.


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