Marvel FINALLY Announces Emilia Clarke’s Major MCU Character

Marvel Studios officially confirmed the identity of Emilia Clarke"s MCU character for Secret Invasion on Disney+. 
Emilia Clarke"s MCU Character Confirmed Vanity FairAs reported by Vanity Fair, Emilia Clarke will be playing Talos" daughter, G"iah, in Marvel Studios" Secret Invasion for Disney+.
G"iah was last seen in 2019"s Captain Marvel
MarvelWhen asked about Clarke"s role, Nick Fury"s Samuel L. Jackson called her “the little Skrull girl grown up” and recalled a Captain Marvel scene where Ben Mendelsohn"s Talos reunited with his Skrull family:
“Remember when (Talos) was there with his wife and daughter? She’s the little Skrull girl grown up. She’s his daughter.”
However, it sounds like Talos and G"iah"s relationship has a few issues which will contribute to the events of the Disney+ series. 
Secret Invasion debuts Wednesday, June 21 on Disney+.
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