James Spader's Ultron Rumored to Return in This New Marvel Movie

After being defeated by Earth"s Mightiest Heroes during the Infinity Saga, a new rumor may have spoiled Ultron"s (James Spader) return in the MCU"s Phase 5. 
Phase 4 managed to bring back Ultron in a surprising way, showcasing the rogue AI in a brief appearance in Disney+"s What If...? animated series. 
Ultron"s appearance in What If...? led many to believe that the MCU villain will eventually return. However, the villain did make his live-action comeback recently, but it was in a non-canon sequence in Disney Cruise"s Avengers: Quantum Encounter. 
A past rumor hinted at Ultron"s return, noting that the Avengers foe was not destroyed at the end of Age of Ultron and small shards of the program still remain "dormant" in the universe. 
Marvel Studios Set to Bring Back UltronAccording to the "trusted sources" of the Tales from the mod queue from the Marvel Studios Spoilers subreddit, James Spader is set to reprise his MCU role as Ultron in Armor Wars
Marvel StudiosPlot details of Armor Wars are unknown, meaning Ultron may or may not act as the main villain of the movie. 
Spader last portrayed Ultron in 2015"s Avengers: Age of Ultron
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