DCU The Flash Art Imagines Perfect Casting For James Gunn"s New Barry Allen

  • The DC Universe is getting a new actor as The Flash in James Gunn's upcoming franchise, as depicted in fan art.
  • Lucas Till, known for his role in the X-Men movies, is a popular fan choice to play The Flash.
  • The future of The Flash in James Gunn's DC Universe is uncertain, but there is a possibility of introducing the entire Flash Family.
The DC Universe gets a new actor as The Flash in James Gunn's upcoming franchise through new fan art. The era of the DCEU movies is coming to an end this December, with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom wrapping up the franchise that began all the way back in 2013. But as one franchise is concluding, another is about to begin with Gunn and Peter Safran's DC continuity that is currently in the works, with multiple DC Universe movies and TV shows coming from Chapter 1, "Gods and Monsters."
As the DC Universe has a new Superman with David Corenswet, other heroes will be cast down the line once the SAG-AFTRA strike is over. When it comes to the Scarlet Speedster, Buffy2Ville has shared artwork of what Lucas Till could look like as The Flash, specifically the Barry Allen version of the DC hero.
Till is no stranger to comic book properties as he played Havok in the X-Men prequel movies from X-Men: First Class to X-Men: Apocalypse. However, Till has been a popular fan casting choice for The Flash as his name continues to come up in the DC Universe audience.
Your browser does not support the video tag. What Is Going On With The Flash In James Gunn's DC Universe? Following The Flash season 9 ending on The CW this year and the critically panned The Flash movie, the fastest man alive's live-action future is unclear, especially in Gunn's DC Universe. While Gunn and Safran did reveal plans for big Justice League heroes like Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern in Chapter 1, "Gods and Monsters," The Flash was not part of the initial slate. Even though it is possible that there could be a new The Flash movie lined up, there are no confirmed plans right now for any of the speedster heroes to show up in the DC Universe.


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