Star Wars Theory Reveals Hayden Christensen"s Next Anakin Return Is Way Bigger Than Ahsoka Season 1

  • Anakin Skywalker's role as the Chosen One to bring balance to the Force is not yet complete in the Star Wars universe.
  • The Mortis arc in The Clone Wars introduced the Father as the embodiment of balance, suggesting that Anakin could potentially take on this role.
  • Anakin's appearance as a Force ghost in Ahsoka season 1 implies that he may have a larger role to play in guiding Ahsoka on her journey and addressing the power imbalance in the galaxy.
Ahsoka’s season 1 finale saw the return of Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker’s Force ghost, but a new theory suggests Anakin will have a larger role in Ahsoka season 2. Christensen reprised the role as Star Wars’ Chosen One and met his former apprentice Ahsoka Tano in the World Between Worlds, where he taught her one last lesson. One of the best parts of Christensen’s return to a galaxy far, far, away was that audiences finally got to see him portray Anakin during the Clone Wars, and he even wore his armor from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated television show.
While Christensen’s appearance as Anakin Skywalker wasn’t a total surprise, it was special to see Anakin in live-action with Ahsoka Tano. Anakin’s Force ghost appeared on Peridea in the final seconds of Ahsoka episode 8, and it seems to imply that his job isn’t done. With so many mysteries to be explored in Ahsoka season 2, it’s likely that Anakin will once again have to guide Ahsoka on her journey. However, one Star Wars theory explains that Anakin didn’t appear as a Force ghost on Peridea, but rather, he has a larger role to play.
Your browser does not support the video tag. The Chosen One Is Destined To Bring Balance To The Force Close Something that was reiterated over and over again in the Star Wars prequels was that Anakin Skywalker was the Chosen One and that he would be the one to bring balance to the Force. It was what Obi-Wan Kenobi screamed at him during their duel on Mustafar in Star Wars Episode III—Revenge of the Sith in despair after their duel. While Anakin seemingly fulfilled his destiny in Return of the Jedi when he helped his son Luke Skywalker defeat Emperor Palpatine, there still seems to be an imbalance in the galaxy.
It's possible that because Anakin is the Chosen One, his job isn’t complete. During The Clone Wars season 3 arc in the Mortis Realm, the Father insisted that the Chosen One take over for him. When the Mortis gods died in the arc, it left a power imbalance with no gods around to check it. This would mean that Anakin’s role as the Chosen One is yet to be fully completed. His physical body brought balance within the galaxy in Return of the Jedi, and his essence may now have to do the same thing.
Anakin Skywalker proved he was the Chosen One on Mortis by conquering the Daughter and the Son.
The Father Was The Avatar Of Balance In the Mortis arc in The Clone Wars season 3, the Father was introduced as the living embodiment of balance in the Force, while his children, the Daughter and Son, represented the light and dark sides of the Force, respectively. When the Daughter was killed by the Son, her essence was transferred into Ahsoka Tano, in order to revive her. But while the Daughter’s essence was transferred to a living person, none of the other gods had their essence transferred. This leaves the Daughter on a different playing field than the Son and the Father.
As seen in the Ahsoka season 1 finale, Baylan Skoll stood on top of statues of the three Mortis gods as he looked out into the distance at a light on a mountain. It’s unclear what role the Mortis gods will play, if any in Ahsoka season 2, but this gives audiences their first hints. It’s also worth noting that the statue of the Daughter was missing a head in Ahsoka, and there may be a very good reason why—she had her essence transferred, meaning she couldn’t have been what was calling out to Baylan, but it could’ve been one of the other two gods.


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