Keanu Reeves & Peter Stormare Reunite For Constantine 2 In DC Fan Poster

  • Keanu Reeves' Constantine 2 is confirmed and the original director is on board for the sequel, though no release date has been set yet.
  • Peter Stormare's Lucifer may also return in Constantine 2, as is explored in almirondesign's fan art.
  • Debate is ongoing as to whether Constantine 2 should be part of James Gunn's DC Universe, as it could provide more exposure for the character and potential connections to other key DC characters.
Keanu Reeves' John Constantine gets ready to take on Peter Stormare's Lucifer Morningstar in a new Constantine 2 fan poster. While a new DC Universe is on its way, an old DC franchise is making a comeback as Reeves' Constantine 2 is going forward, following its release in 2005. While no release date has been set yet for Constantine 2, he and the original director, Francis Lawrence, are onboard, as the world waits to learn more about the sequel and how Reeves' Constantine will return.
While his return has not been properly announced yet, Stormare revealed as early as November 2020 that Constantine 2 is being worked on, suggesting that his version of Lucifer will also be back for the new installment. Imagining what their second encounter would look like, almirondesign shared new Constantine 2 fan art, as John goes "back to hell" in the Elseworlds-based movie. Check out the Constantine 2 poster below:


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