The Dark Knight Trilogy Director Explains Why He Doesn"t Want To Talk About Superhero Movies

  • Christopher Nolan doesn't want to talk about superhero movies because it would overshadow everything else he discusses in his interview.
  • The director is brutally honest about his lack of interest in discussing the upcoming DC film, The Batman.
  • Nolan's focus on comic book movies would distract attention from other important aspects of film that he discusses.
The Dark Knight trilogy director Christopher Nolan gets brutally honest about why he doesn't have any interest in talking about superhero movies when asked about the DC film, The Batman. Matt Reeves' The Batman became the latest incarnation of the Caped Crusader in 2022, with Robert Pattinson as a younger Dark Knight. As it became a commercial and critical success, The Batman - Part II is in the works, as Reeves is planning to flesh out his Elseworlds-based universe.
Given his massive success with The Dark Knight trilogy, the world is obviously curious about what Nolan thinks about the later incarnations of Batman in live-action. In a new Variety cover story, Nolan was asked if he had seen Reeves' The Batman, and what he thought about it. However, the British filmmaker got candid as he shared the following as to why he didn't really want to answer that specific question:
"If I start talking about comic book movies, that would be the only thing anybody pays any attention to in the article."


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