Every Dead MCU Hero Eligible For An Afterlife In Valhalla

  • Many deceased MCU heroes may have ended up in Valhalla, the afterlife for warriors who die in battle, alongside Heimdall and Jane Foster.
  • Not all characters in Valhalla are of Asgardian heritage, as shown by Jane Foster's entrance in Thor: Love and Thunder, despite being a human, non-religious scientist.
  • The afterlives in the MCU are diverse, ranging from Valhalla to the Ancestral Plane, and characters seem to go to the afterlife corresponding to their own beliefs and cultural backgrounds, though this isn't exclusive.
Over the last decade-and-a-half of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many of Marvel Studios' heroes have lost their lives during battle, potentially earning them access into Valhalla. Valhalla is a version of the afterlife depicted in Norse mythology and Asgardian culture in the MCU, and is one of many afterlives that have appeared in the MCU, along with Black Panther's Ancestral Plane, Moon Knight's Field of Reeds and Rocket's ghostly afterlife in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. When they die, MCU characters seem to go to the afterlife most closely associated with their own beliefs, but the rules of Valhalla could constitute any number of notable heroes being granted access.
2022's Thor: Love and Thunder provided audiences with a glimpse at the afterlife of Valhalla, and though only two deceased heroes (Heimdall and Jane Foster) were shown in the new realm, it's possible many previous characters have ended up there. Should a warrior die in battle, they will be granted entry into Valhalla, an astral dimension where they will be able to spend eternity in paradise. Since many MCU heroes have lost their lives in battle, it's possible that a huge number of them may now be living peacefully in Valhalla, though it's still unclear whether access to this afterlife is reserved solely for those of Asgardian heritage and culture.
RelatedEvery Marvel Superhero The MCU Has Killed Off (Who Stayed Dead)The MCU has been criticized for its fake deaths and resurrections, so which Avengers have died for real? Here's every deceased superhero in the MCU. 18 Garthan Saal & The Nova Corps Garthan Saal Died In Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014) Peter Serafinowicz's Garthan Saal and many other members of Xandar's Nova Corps died during the battle against Ronan the Accuser in 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy, crushed and destroyed by Ronan's powerful ship, the Dark Aster. These lesser-known heroes died in an effort to protect Xandar from Ronan, who had equipped himself with the Power Stone, which would certainly earn them a place in the halls of Valhalla. Since these members of the Nova Corps presumably weren't of Asgardian heritage, however, it's possible they ended up in a different version of the afterlife.
17 Vision Vision Died In Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Since Paul Bettany's Vision is a synthetic being with a vibranium body powered by the Mind Stone, it's unclear whether Vision would actually go to any afterlife when he dies. However, his double-death during the battle against Thanos in 2018's Avengers: Infinity War could have sent him to Valhalla, as Vision was first killed by the Scarlet Witch, and then again by Thanos after the villain turned back time. Vision's command over an Infinity Stone could make his post-death experience different to other synthetic beings such as the Eternals. Even so, he has since been rebuilt, and will embark on a new adventure in Marvel Studios' Vision Quest.
It's unclear whether Vision would actually go to any afterlife when he dies.
16 Zuri Zuri Died In Black Panther (2018) Forest Whitaker's Zuri lost his life after intervening in the duel between T'Challa and Killmonger in 2018's Black Panther. This could constitute him dying in battle, as this was a form of ritual combat, with the pair challenging for the throne of Wakanda and the mantle of the Black Panther. Zuri sacrificing himself in an attempt to save T'Challa's life solidified him as a bona fide hero in the MCU, and could have allowed him to enter Valhalla following his death, though it's perhaps more likely that Zuri made his way to the Ancestral Plane.
15 The Warriors Three The Warriors Three Died In Thor: Ragnarok (2017) Close These three iconic Asgardian warriors most definitely made their way to Valhalla after they were slain by Cate Blanchett's Hela in 2017's Thor: Ragnarok. Ray Stevenson's Volstagg, Zachary Levi's Fandral and Tadanobu Asano's Hogun, known as the Warriors Three, were some of Asgard's most trusted and formidable soldiers, but were ultimately no match for the Goddess of Death. Their deaths in battle against Hela surely sent them to Valhalla, so they may get the chance to reunite with Jane Foster and Heimdall following Thor: Love and Thunder.
14 The Ancient One The Ancient One Died In Doctor Strange (2016) Tilda Swinton's Ancient One was described as having Celtic roots in 2016's Doctor Strange, so it's possible she had a very different idea of what the afterlife would be. However, since she died in battle with Kaecilius and his zealots while dueling in the Mirror Dimension, she may have been allowed into Valhalla. At first stabbed with one of Kaecilius' dark magic weapons, it was a terrifying drop through a sling-ring portal that ended the Ancient One's lengthy rule over Kamar-Taj.
13 Pietro Maximoff, A.K.A. Quicksilver Pietro Maximoff Died In Avengers: Age Of Ultron (2015) Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Pietro Maximoff, a.k.a. Quicksilver, tragically lost his life while protecting Hawkeye and a Sokovian child during the battle against Ultron in 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron. Pietro's death had a huge impact on his sister, Wanda, in her subsequent MCU storylines, but it's possible that the pair could reunite in the MCU's future if it's revealed that he ended up in Valhalla. With the MCU's X-Men soon to debut, many want to see Pietro Maximoff return, and confirmation of his afterlife in Valhalla could make this possible.
RelatedThe MCU's Rules For Valhalla Are Worse Than The MultiverseThe MCU's multiverse has been inconsistent throughout Phase 4, but Thor: Love and Thunder's Valhalla may be an even more unclear concept. 12 Heimdall Heimdall Died In Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Heimdall, portrayed by Idris Elba since 2011's Thor, is one of two MCU characters who have already been confirmed to be residing in Valhalla. After protecting Asgardians from Hela's onslaught in Thor: Ragnarok, Heimdall was killed by Thanos in the opening moments of Avengers: Infinity War, shortly after using his last bit of strength to send the Hulk to Earth to warn the other Avengers of Thanos' impending arrival. Dying during the war against Thanos earned Heimdall a spot in Valhalla, where he reappeared in the post-credits scene of Thor: Love and Thunder, thanking Jane Foster for taking care of his son, Axl.
11 Jane Foster, A.K.A. The Mighty Thor Jane Foster Died In Thor: Love & Thunder (2022) Natalie Portman's Jane Foster acts as proof that characters don't need to be of Asgardian heritage or hold Asgardian beliefs to be able to enter Valhalla. Despite being a non-religious woman of science, Jane Foster was still granted entry to Valhalla after dying in both the battle against Gorr the God Butcher and her own personal battle with cancer. Foster proved her worth as the Mighty Thor prior to her death, and fought valiantly to protect Asgard and her returned love-interest Thor, but still succumbed to her illness, though was greeted by Heimdall at the gates of Valhalla.
10 Earth-838's Illuminati Earth-838's Illuminati Died In Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness (2022) Close Although this group of heroes likely wouldn't be seen in the MCU's primary version of Valhalla, it's possible that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' Illuminati team went to Earth-838's version of the Asgardian afterlife. Anson Mount's Black Bolt, John Krasinski's Reed Richards, Hayley Atwell's Captain Carter, Lashana Lynch's Captain Marvel and Patrick Stewart's Professor X all lost their lives in battle against the Scarlet Witch. Popular theories suggest that future MCU projects may avenge the Illuminati deaths, but it's more peaceful to imagine these five powerful heroes spending eternity in the paradise of Valhalla.
9 Earth-616's Loki Loki Died In Avengers: Infinity War (2018) After finally completing his redemption arc by helping Thor protect Asgardian citizens from their sister, Hela, in Thor: Ragnarok, Tom Hiddleston's Loki met his demise at the hands of the Mad Titan Thanos in Infinity War. While a variant of Loki was released from captivity in Avengers: Endgame, the MCU's original God of Mischief is well-and-truly dead, and potentially residing in Valhalla after finally becoming a hero. Perhaps the much-anticipated reunion between Thor and Loki in the MCU will only happen after the former's demise, with the pair greeting each other in Valhalla.
8 Classic Loki Classic Loki Died In Loki Season 1, Episode 5 (2021) While Earth-616's Loki died while facing Thanos, Richard E. Grant's Classic Loki managed to thwart the supervillain, but was still pruned by the Time Variance Authority much later. Nevertheless, he survived for quite some time in the Void, but was eventually killed by Alioth while distracting the beast in an effort to help Loki and Sylvie's cause. As a staunch Asgardian who still believed in his culture, Classic Loki presumably went to Valhalla after his demise, though it's unclear how this may have worked given he died in the wasteland at the end of time, as it's possible Valhalla simply doesn't exist anymore.
7 Phil Coulson Phil Coulson Died In The Avengers (2012) Phil Coulson was the first major casualty of The Avengers, being killed by the God of Mischief Loki prior to the Battle of New York. Clark Gregg's SHIELD agent Coulson had been a regular fixture of the MCU's Phase 1, so his demise had a huge impact, including by being the inciting incident to bring together the original Avengers team. Since Coulson had formed such a strong bond with Thor, it's possible he was granted access to Valhalla following his death at the hands of another Asgardian, particularly since the MCU's official timeline book disregards the events of Agents of SHIELD​​​​​​​ being in the MCU's main continuity.
Phil Coulson was the first major casualty of The Avengers.
6 Skurge Skurge Died In Thor: Ragnarok (2017) Karl Urban's Skurge spent the majority of Thor: Ragnarok cowarding behind Hela as her tentative executioner, yet turned things around at the end of the film by sacrificing himself to ensure the other Asgardian citizens could make it to safety. This sacrifice, and his subsequent death at the hands of Hela, surely guaranteed his safe passage to Valhalla. His potential reunion with Thor and Loki in Valhalla would surely be an emotional one, as Skurge almost single-handedly ensured the survival of the Asgardian refugees.
5 Tony Stark, A.K.A. Iron Man Tony Stark Died In Avengers: Endgame (2019) Close Tony Stark's death in Avengers: Endgame is widely regarded as one of the most emotional moments in the MCU's history, as he sacrificed his own life to eliminate Thanos and his army, and protect his family and superhero friends. A sacrifice of this magnitude must have earned Stark a spot in Valhalla, which could lead to a reunion between the armored Avenger and his Asgardian friend in the MCU's future. Robert Downey Jr. has recently suggested he won't be returning to the MCU, but it's comforting to think that Stark may be living on in a peaceful afterlife like Valhalla.
4 Frigga Frigga Died In Thor: The Dark World (2013) Rene Russo's Frigga is a surety when it comes to considering who may be in Valhalla. As the Queen of Asgard, Frigga must have been assured a position in the afterlife following her demise. This tragically occurred during 2013's Thor: The Dark World, as she was killed by Kurse after using her witchcraft to trick Malekith, the ruler of the Dark Elves, before being given a traditional Asgardian funeral with other deceased soldiers, who also presumably made their way to Valhalla.
3 Lemar Hoskins, A.K.A. Battlestar Lemar Hoskins Died In The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Season 1, Episode 4 (2021) The Falcon and the Winter Soldier introduced Clé Bennett to the MCU as Lemar Hoskins, John Walker's Captain America's sidekick. While Lemar Hoskins, a.k.a. Battlestar, could have had a bright future in the MCU, his alliance with Walker eventually got him killed during a battle with Karli Morgenthau and the Flag Smashers. While Walker had a visceral, murderous reaction to Lemar's death, it's possible Hoskins himself could have made his way to the peaceful Valhalla.
RelatedEverybody Missing From Thor: Love & Thunder’s ValhallaThor: Love and Thunder sees some amazing cameos and returning actors, but some MCU characters who we'd have expected to be there do not appear. 2 Maria Hill Maria Hill Died In Secret Invasion Season 1, Episode 1 (2023) Maria Hill's death in Secret Invasion's premiere episode has been widely regarded as being needless and unnecessary, but still delivered a huge shock as she was gunned down by the villainous Skrull Gravik, who had disguised himself as Nick Fury. The idea of Maria Hill's last image being her best friend shooting her dead is truly tragic, so she certainly deserves a place in Valhalla. Since she died while trying to protect Russian citizens from a terrorist attack, it's possible she has been allowed into the Asgardian afterlife, which could lead to Cobie Smulders' return in the MCU's future.
1 Odin Odin Died In Thor: Ragnarok (2017) As the King of Asgard and the All-Father, Anthony Hopkins' Odin certainly made his way to Valhalla following his sudden death in Thor: Ragnarok. Odin didn't die in battle, but there are bound to be different rules for those who take their position as King of Asgard, which could also mean that Odin's father, Bor, who was glimpsed in the opening of Thor: The Dark World, is also in Valhalla. This could also mean that Chris Hemsworth's Thor may make his way to Valhalla by default should he die in any upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe projects, as many suspect he might.


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