Marvel"s Phase 5 Can Finally Make Up For The Worst X-Men Movie Death

  • Deadpool 3 is retconning major moments from the Fox X-Men movies in the MCU, including the survival of Sabretooth and the return of Toad.
  • Toad's cameo in Deadpool 3 gives the character a much-deserved comeback after his underwhelming death in X-Men, and it may provide more memorable moments for him.
  • The presence of Toad in Deadpool 3 suggests that the movie may take place in the Void, allowing for the rebooting of the X-Men movies and the inclusion of various Marvel characters.
Deadpool 3 is looking at retconning some major moments from the Fox X-Men movies via the MCU, including an underwhelming character death from the franchise’s very first installment. While the first Deadpool was released at a time when Fox properties were still separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, times have changed, with the story of Deadpool 3 finding a spot within the MCU’s Phase 5. Not much is known about the plot other than the highly publicized reveal of Hugh Jackman returning to the role of the adamantium-clawed mutant Wolverine after having last played the character in 2017’s Logan. But Wolverine isn’t the only comic book character to unexpectedly debut in the MCU.
As recently leaked production photographs reveal, Wolverine may be facing off against his classic nemesis and movie-universe brother Victor Creed, aka Sabretooth. Presumed to be dead in X2: Men United, Deadpool 3 proves that Sabretooth survived all this time. This possibility arises from an image of a costumed Jackman facing off against a long-haired Sabretooth, which does imply that the latter’s appearance might be closer to Tyler Mane’s portrayal in 2000's X-Men. Another leaked photograph reveals a man who resembles Toad from the same movies, this time seated in the Fantastic Four’s Fantasticar. Toad’s surprising return to seemingly be a part of the Deadpool 3 cast is bound to make fans of the original X-Men movies nostalgic.
Related Deadpool 3 Reveals Make A Clever Loki & Avengers 6 Theory Seem Way More Likely A collection of Deadpool 3 set photos supports a major MCU theory involving Loki and Avengers: Secret Wars which is set to close the Multiverse Saga. Deadpool 3's Toad Cameo Can Bring Justice For His Death Close If Toad appears in a cameo in Deadpool 3, the Easter Egg would finally give the character a much-deserved comeback after over two decades. Portrayed by martial artist and actor Ray Park, Toad was an efficient henchman for Magneto. Sadly, though, all of his acrobatic combat is overshadowed by the rather anti-climatic circumstances of his death in X-Men. Pushed off the Statue of Liberty, Toad latches onto a beam with his elastic tongue. Storm strikes him with lightning, leading to a fatal splash in the Hudson River. What Storm then tells Toad - “Do you know what happens to toads struck by lightning? The same thing that happens to everything else.” - is widely regarded as one of the most ridiculous lines of superhero movie dialogue ever.
Toad actor Ray Park also played Darth Maul in the Star Wars movies and Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.
Despite X-Men having a gritty tone overall, this particular scene made for an unexpectedly goofy moment in the franchise, and made Toad's subsequent death at the hands of Storm after the line somewhat infamous. Considering that he is most likely to be a supporting villain again in Deadpool 3, Toad can hopefully get a chance to die more memorably. Keeping the meta-humor of the Deadpool movies in mind, it’s also possible for the merc-with-a-mouth to poke fun at Toad’s previous death.
Why Toad Is In Deadpool 3 Toad’s apparent presence in Deadpool 3 is surprising, considering how the character has only appeared once after X-Men, when a younger version from a revised timeline in X-Men: Days of Future Past. His return can perhaps be justified by the theory of Deadpool and Wolverine being stuck in the Void at the end of time, a realm introduced in Loki season 1. As a set photo also featured a person dressed in a TVA agent costume, it’s indeed possible for Deadpool 3 to take place in this dimension where the TVA dump lifeforms after pruning them. The desolate wasteland gives Deadpool 3 writers the freedom to play around with multiple Marvel characters.
Setting up events in The Void is a perfect opportunity for the MCU to reboot the X-Men movies and offer logical reasons behind their connection with Phase 5. Toad, in particular, is generating interest primarily because of him steering the flying car frequently used by the Fantastic Four. This raises the question of how Toad stumbled upon the Fantasticar out of all the mutants, which is sure to have an answer that makes for a memorable cameo. The identity of the actor in Toad’s get-up in the leaked image remains uncertain, but if Ray Park returns to play him, Deadpool 3 will be delivering some highly detailed fan service.


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