Marvel Just Changed Ant-Man 3"s Kang CGI In Newest Footage

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania made some changes to Jonathan Majors" Kang the Conqueror as he becomes the MCU"s next big bad. 
Given the scale of Marvel Studios" blockbuster superhero ventures, CGI and post-production play an intensive role in creating the MCU. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law proved this after some significant changes between trailers and ultimately in the final product - which still maintained some of these issues.
As fans prepare to see Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania kickstart Phase 5 in early 2023, much of the discussion surrounds Jonathan Majors" Kang the Conqueror. With the time traveler about to become the MCU"s next big bad, getting Majors" villainous look right is bound to be a priority for the studio; even now, Kang"s MCU design has already been widely applauded by fans. 
Still, even with the release a few months away, Marvel Studios is still making tweaks to Kang.
Ant-Man 3 Changes Kang"s MCU DesignAnt-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania revealed a new "Legacy of Ant-Man" teaser at CCXP 2022, featuring an alteration to the VFX of a scene with Jonathan Majors" Kang the Conqueror.
Marvel StudiosIn the month that has passed since the last trailer, Marvel Studios made changes to this shot to add more details and modify Kang"s costume slightly.
Marvel StudiosFirst and foremost, Kang"s helmet has been edited slightly, resulting in what appears to be a more sleek and comic-accurate look.
The DirectOn top of the changes to Kang"s helmet, the floating dish he"s hovering on has had some extra detail added, moving away from the smooth blue look of the original.
The DirectThe background of the shot has also been edited to add more detail and lights to the spaceship behind the time-traveling conqueror. 
The DirectHow Marvel Studios Perfects Jonathan Majors" KangKang the Conqueror will be playing a major role in the MCU for the next three years - starting with Ant-Man 3 and running through to Avengers: Secret Wars. So, Marvel Studios will be eager to perfect his design to create the most menacing, powerful, and commanding look for Jonathan Majors to rock into battle. 
The MCU"s last big villain, Thanos, went through numerous evolutions on the road from The Avengers to Endgame, especially after Josh Brolin was finally cast. The same ought to prove true for Kang as Marvel Studios goes through multiple evolutions of this design, which can already be seen happening pre-release.
This will be particularly true with so many Variants expected to be in play, with each one sporting a slightly different look in order to ensure they stand out. That distinction can already be seen through the difference between Loki"s He Who Remains and Ant-Man 3"s Warrior Kang, which is clearly drastic.
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania hits theaters on February 17, 2023.


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