Marvel Releases New Poster for Bill Murray’s MCU Character (Official)

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is set to feature Bill Murray"s MCU debut, and a new batch of promotional posters appear to hint that he has a larger-than-expected role.
Ant-Man 3"s teaser trailer surprised everyone when it featured Murray"s character as one of the inhabitants of the Quantum Realm. Quantumania director Peyton Reed then teased that the Ghostbusters actor will have a "crucial" role in the threequel, confirming that he plays "a character from Janet Van Dyne"s past."
Marvel Studios then unveiled that Murray is portraying Lord Krylar, the governor of a "bizarre and cushy community" in the Quantum Realm called Axia. 
Now, another marketing blast has pushed the acting veteran to the forefront.
Marvel Highlights Bill Murray"s Ant-Man 3 CharacterMarvel Studios officially released a brand new character poster for Bill Murray"s Lord Krylar ahead of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania"s premiere next month. 
The poster offers many different looks at Murray"s MCU character: 
Marvel StudiosPaul Rudd"s Scott Lang takes center stage in this new Marvel poster: 
Marvel StudiosEvangeline Lilly"s Hope Van Dyne will do anything to protect her family in the Quantum Realm:
Marvel StudiosJonathan Majors will make his big-screen debut as Kang in Quantumania, setting the stage for a future showdown with the Avengers: 
Marvel StudiosKathryn Newton"s Cassie Lang will look to make things right by helping her dad to get out of the Quantum Realm:
Marvel StudiosThe mysteries surrounding Janet Van Dyne"s past in the Quantum Realm will be unraveled in the threequel:
Marvel StudiosMichael Douglas" Hank Pym will help Team Ant-Man in any way he can to defeat Kang:
Marvel StudiosThis story is developing. Please check back for updates!


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