Kevin Feige Reveals Janet’s Big Secret In Ant-Man 3 | The Direct

Kevin Feige recently pulled the curtain back on Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania and Michelle Pfeiffer"s character"s big MCU secret. 
Janet Van Dyne"s Quantum Secret RevealedAs Ant-Man 3"s heroes head into the Quantum Realm, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige revealed the specifics of Janet Van Dyne"s history within the Quantum Realm. 
Speaking with Empire, Feige said that Michelle Pfeiffer"s Marvel hero is a "very well-known, very powerful freedom fighter" in the Microverse:
“It’s about how these five family members deal with this environment and the new reality of what their mother/grandmother has been through, and that she’s a very, very well-known, very powerful freedom fighter in the Quantum Realm. Which none of them had any idea about until they get down there.” 
Pfeiffer herself also noted that her MCU character has "a very rich history" with the villainous Kang the Conqueror from her time in the Quantum Realm, something the Ant-Man family is unaware of:
“She does have a very rich history with Kang, and unresolved issues.The Quantum Realm can change a person, and you can have a whole other life down there. It’s something that she hasn’t wanted to get into.”
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