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The start date for filming Captain America: New World Order has been confirmed.
Captain America 4 Start Date Confirmed MarvelAs previously shared by Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), production for Captain America: New World is expected to span March 20 through June 30 of this year.
The Cosmic Circus" Lizzie Hill corroborated AJC"s report, revealing that Captain America 4"s start date is Monday, March 20.
However, reliable scooper Daniel Richtman noted that shooting would be underway by Monday, March 27.  
Hill then addressed the March 27 start date, saying that it is "entirely possible" that this is the case due to a script rewrite that came in "earlier this month:"
"So now [Daniel Richtman] is saying March 27th according to this. I haven"t heard an(other) update from my sources yet but it is entirely possible it was pushed a little from the 20th. I"d heard a rewrite came in earlier this month, so that would make sense."
This supports previous rumors and reports that cameras would begin rolling in March on this anticipated Phase 5 film.
Captain America 4 arrives in theaters on May 3, 2024.
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