Animated Superman Becomes The Live-Action Man Of Steel In Exciting DC Art

  • My Adventures with Superman, featuring Jack Quaid as the animated Superman, has become a hit for DC, leading to fan appreciation and new fan art.
  • The fan art imagines what Quaid would look like as a live-action Superman, even incorporating the new S-shield design created for the show.
  • There is a possibility that Quaid's version of Superman could cross over into the DC Universe in a future movie or TV show, following the success of multiverse storytelling in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.
Jack Quaid's version of Superman from My Adventures with Superman goes from animated to live-action in new DC Universe fan art. One of the biggest hits for DC this year ended up being My Adventures with Superman, as the new animated series reimagines the Man of Steel on the silver screen. Starring The Boys' Jack Quaid as the latest animated take on Superman, My Adventures with Superman season 2 is on its way, with more stories coming for DC's most beloved superhero.
As My Adventures with Superman became a success, the world is already showing its appreciation for the DC animated TV show. With his take on the character becoming a huge favorite with audiences, Arifinity_ shared new artwork of what Quaid would look like as Superman if he were to portray him in live-action.
The My Adventures with Superman fan art even goes as far as adapting the new S-shield that was invented for the show. As of right now, it is unclear exactly when My Adventures with Superman season 2 will premiere, other than that it will supposedly be sometime in 2024.


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