Batman Show That Could Have Been Comes To Life In Arrowverse Fan Art

  • The Arrowverse, known for its DC Comics-based shows, never had a Batman series despite having shows for other iconic heroes.
  • A new fan poster imagines what a Batman TV show on The CW could have looked like, featuring Warren Christie as Bruce Wayne.
  • The CW faced restrictions from Warner Bros. regarding the use of Batman in live-action, prioritizing the character for the big screen.
New Arrowverse fan art imagines what it would have looked like if there was a Batman DC TV show on The CW. Ever since 2012, the Arrowverse has been one of The CW's flagship franchises based on iconic DC Comics characters coming to life in their own series with numerous DC TV shows running for over a decade. 2024 will be the swan-song for the Arrowverse, following the news that Superman & Lois season 4 will officially be the final season of the series.
Despite having many Arrowverse shows for some of DC's biggest heroes, including The Flash, Superman, Supergirl, and Green Arrow, the one series that the world never got from the franchise was a Batman drama. To show what that could have potentially looked like, Art of Time Travel shared a new fan poster of a hypothetical Batman TV show on The CW.
Pitched as a Wednesday night show at 9 PM on The CW, the Batman fan poster shows Warren Christie in his Batsuit that he never got to wear, as the actor only ever played Bruce Wayne in the franchise. To explore what could have been, the Batman TV show brings multiple characters together from the Dark Knight's mythology that were either introduced in Batwoman or in other Arrowverse series.
Every Featured Batman Character Actor
Who Did They Play?
Arrowverse Show
Warren Christie
Bruce Wayne/Batman
Ruby Rose
Kate Kane/Batwoman
Matthew Nable
Ra's al Ghul
Manu Bennett
Slade Wilson/Deathstroke
Bridget Regan
Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy
Michael Rowe
Floyd Lawton/Deadshot
Lexa Doig
Talia al Ghul


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