10 Lessons Superman Legacy Needs To Learn From Smallville

  • Superman: Legacy can learn from Smallville in terms of how to portray Lois Lane, making her a comic book-accurate and important character.
  • The film should embrace Superman's self-doubt, making him a more relatable and complex hero.
  • Superman: Legacy can deviate from the comics' origin story while adding a unique spin, similar to Smallville, and could focus on Clark Kent's everyday struggles to endear the character to viewers.
Superman: Legacy could learn a few lessons from one of the best superhero series, Smallville. Jame Gunn and Peter Safran's DC Universe will start next year with the animated Creature Commandos series, with 2025's Superman: Legacy then being the first film in the new shared universe. David Corenswet stars as the DCU's Superman, taking over from DCEU Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill. Superman: Legacy's story is said to be more in line with the comics' vibrant tone for Superman, telling the story of a young Clark Kent, which is why Cavill was not asked to return for the film.
Albeit not an origin story, Superman: Legacy's focus on a young Clark means the movie can take some notes from Superman's famous prequel series, Smallville. Tom Welling delivered a charming, compelling performance as Clark Kent from high school to adulthood throughout Smallville's ten seasons. The long-running series dealt with different phases of Clark's life, which included him learning about his Kryptonian heritage, developing his powers, and ultimately becoming Superman in the series finale. From tone to characters to story and more, here are 10 lessons that Superman: Legacy can learn from Smallville.


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