The Flash: The Best & Worst Part Of Each Season

  • Tom Cavanagh's Harrison Wells as the Reverse-Flash in Season 1 was a perfectly paced and shocking twist that created an ominous atmosphere for the show.
  • Season 5 introduced Nora West-Allen as a major character, providing emotional moments and a fantastic addition to Team Flash.
  • The final fight with Godspeed in Season 7 was disappointing due to poor VFX and a confusing creative choice with lightning swords.
Throughout nine seasons, The Flash told exciting tales from the life of its lead speedster; however, each season of the Arrowverse series also had to deal with some problems. The Flash season 9's ending marked the final chapter for Grant Gustin's Scarlet Speedster and the Arrowverse as a whole, as the ongoing Superman and Lois was confirmed not to be set in the shared DC Universe on TV but rather in its own universe. The Flash started strong back in 2014, but with every passing year, the series' problems slowly grew.
Despite its uneven run, there are many elements to love about both the worst and best seasons of The Flash. For instance, Gustin remains a strong lead throughout the show's nine seasons, with the DC series having a talented cast that held the show together when the story or visual effects faltered. The Flash brought to life several exciting characters from the speedster's comics, including villains such as the Reverse-Flash, Zoom, and the Rogues, and heroes like Kid Flash, Impulse, and more. Sadly, not all was great, as the series also poorly handled some characters. Here are the best and worst parts of each season of The Flash.


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