Why Superman & Lois Is Ending After Season 4

  • Superman & Lois will conclude with its upcoming fourth season, as the network is moving away from episodic scripted shows and cutting budgets.
  • The show's supporting cast will not be returning as regular players in season 4, and it is the last DC Comics-based show on The CW.
  • Despite the cancellation, season 4 has the potential to give the show a proper ending by resolving major storylines and showcasing an epic battle between Superman and Doomsday.
The CW's Superman & Lois will conclude with its upcoming fourth season. Tyler Hoechlin's run as Superman has been a rather unique one, with Hoechlin first debuting as the Man of Steel on The CW's Supergirl, before finally headlining Superman & Lois upon the show's debut in 2021. While initially presented as having ambiguous ties to Hoechlin's Superman role in the Arrowverse, season 2 clarified the series as a standalone show set in its own universe, allowing Superman & Lois season 3 to maintain its focus on the story of Clark Kent and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) raising their teenage sons in Smallville.
With Superman & Lois's end wrapping up the show's four-season run (after Tyler Hoechlin has played five different versions of Superman through the multiversal elements of his tenure), it would be easy to assume the show is ending due to usual factors like declining ratings or ballooning budgets. However, Superman & Lois's situation is much more complex, as are the factors that have lead to its fourth season being its last. Here is why Superman & Lois is ending with season 4.


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