The DCU"s First God-Tier Wonder Woman Villain Seemingly Confirmed By Actor CV

  • Creature Commandos might be introducing one of Wonder Woman's major villains, Circe, as suggested by Anya Chalotra's online resume.
  • Circe is a well-known and iconic villain of Diana Prince and has appeared in the comics.
  • There has been no official comment from Warner Bros. Discovery or DC Studios regarding the Creature Commandos report.
The DC Universe might be introducing one of Wonder Woman's major villains through Creature Commandos. James Gunn's DC Universe is approaching as the DCEU comes to an end this year once Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom arrives in theaters. While Superman: Legacy will be the first proper DC Universe movie, Creature Commandos will kickstart the TV side of DC Studios, with the animated series coming to Max.
It appears that the Creature Commandos cast will be dealing with one of Wonder Woman's greatest villains. Anya Chalotra, who can be seen on The Witcher and soon in Rebel Moon, has Creature Commandos listed on her online resume (via @BestOfAnyaC,) and is credited as the DC character "Circe."
Circe is better known as one of Diana Prince's most iconic villains from the comics, and has only appeared in a handful of DC animated projects over the years. At the time of this story's publication, Warner Bros. Discovery nor DC Studios have commented on this Creature Commandos report.


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