Jason Momoa Looks Like An Epic Badass In New Art Imagining His DC Universe Recast

  • Jason Momoa may be departing from his role as Aquaman to play Lobo in James Gunn's upcoming DC Universe franchise, according to rumors.
  • Fan art by Yadvender Singh Rana imagines what Momoa could look like as Lobo, the infamous alien bounty hunter in DC Comics.
  • Momoa has been teasing a collaboration with Gunn and Peter Safran for DC Studios, leading to speculation that he may be taking on the role of Lobo. It remains to be confirmed.
New DC Universe fan art imagines Jason Momoa for his rumored character in James Gunn's upcoming franchise as a total departure from Aquaman. The DCEU timeline comes to an end with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, featuring Momoa once again as Arthur Curry to bring an end to the decades-long franchise. While the story of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will be the final feature for most of the actors in the film, Momoa is sticking around with the DC brand, but not as the King of Atlantis.
With rumors floating around that Momoa is supposedly getting eyed to play Lobo in the DC Universe, the infamous alien bounty hunter in DC Comics, the world has been speculating what he could look like in the role. To give a better idea of the prospective role, Yadvender Singh Rana recently shared new fan art of what the Aquaman star could look like if he ends up getting cast as Lobo.
To this point, Lobo has only appeared in one other DC live-action project, as Emmett J. Scanlan portrayed him during Krypton season 2. Scanlan was also set to reprise the role in a Lobo spinoff show after Krypton season 2 until SYFY canceled the mother series and its offshoot project.


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