10 Saddest DCEU Deaths

  • DCEU movies are known for their grim and gritty tone, with many characters sacrificing themselves for the greater good.
  • Heartbreaking deaths in DCEU include Diana saying goodbye twice to Steve Trevor and Polka-Dot Man's dream of being a superhero cut short.
  • Other notable deaths include Rick Flag's betrayal, Jimmy Olsen's shocking execution, Superman's noble sacrifice, and Starro's tragic demise.
Warning! This post contains spoilers for all DCEU movies, including Blue Beetle.
The DCEU has seen its fair share of character deaths, some of which being true tearjerkers that blindsided DC fans with their emotional gut punches. Ever since its inception in 2013 with Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, the DCEU's movies have been decidedly more grim and gritty than their Marvel counterparts, both in the tone they addressed their audiences with and the content of their stories. A big contributing factor is the franchise's refusal to shy away from death, with many integral characters routinely meeting their demise at a rate of at least one per movie.
The most common category for the DCEU's tragic deaths to fall under is the heroic sacrifice, with many a hero or supporting cast member contributing their lives to the greater good in some grand display of martyrdom. Other times, even villains can have sympathetic deaths, as many of the DCEU's heroes are surprisingly brutal. Whatever the case, the historic comic book movie franchise has plenty of poignant deaths to its name, leaving behind a trail of misty eyes in theaters.
11 Diana Says Goodbye To Steve Trevor (Twice) Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 1984 The only man to ever capture Diana's heart across the ages, Steve Trevor was a spy for the Allies in the first World War, falling in love with Wonder Woman only to sacrifice himself by taking the German's deadly gas out of commission. After Diana brings him back to life in the 80s with the Wish Stone, she has no choice but to renounce her wish in order to regain her powers, adding another layer of grief to their tearful second farewell. The fact that Wonder Woman was able to briefly reunite with her deceased lover only to have to lose him again makes his two deaths all the more painful.
10 Polka-Dot Man Stands Up To His Mom The Suicide Squad Close An R-Rated dark comedy about an expendable task force, The Suicide Squad, unsurprisingly, has enough memorable deaths to fill this list on its own. One of the most devastating, however, is the loss of Polka-Dot Man, who finally gets to live out his dream of being a true superhero for a precious few seconds before being stomped out by Starro. The moments of camaraderie leading up to Polka-Dot Man's death between him and Bloodsport only for his hopes to be immediately dashed along with his life make this example a particularly crushing moment, both literally and metaphorically.
9 Rick Flag Betrays His Country The Suicide Squad The self-assured veteran leader of the Suicide Squad, Rick Flag reveals himself to be not as blindly patriotic as his name implies when he refuses to go along with Amanda Waller's plan to destroy all evidence regarding the U.S. government's involvement in Project Starfish. Unfortunately, he has to contend with Peacemaker, who refuses to abandon the mission. The two engage in a brutal, drag-down fight, culminating in Peacemaker stabbing his former comrade through the chest with a broken piece of tile. Flag gets the last word, however, spitting out "Peacemaker...What a joke" at his killer before perishing, making his death one of the most haunting in all the DCEU.
8 Jimmy Olsen Is Executed By General Amajagh Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Far from the cheery, freckle-cheeked Jimmy Olsen Superman fans know and love, Zack Snyder's take on the Daily Planet photographer was a gritty, undercover CIA operative. Still, this iteration of Jimmy still had the classic charisma the character is known for, making it all the more tragic when he's burned by General Amajagh's men and promptly executed. The shocking surprise and lack of ceremony to Olsen's death hits particularly hard, and his insistence on distancing Lois Lane from his operation in a vain attempt to protect her had him go out a noble man to the very end.
7 Silas Stone Vaporizes Himself In Front Of His Son Zack Snyder' Justice League Close Expanding on Cyborg's lore, Zack Snyder's version of Justice League gave much more screen time to Victor Stone's father, Silas. Even though he was merely a scientist meddling in forces beyond his control, Silas understood the gravity that Steppenwolf's pursuit of the Motherboxes implied, overloading the box held by S.T.A.R. Labs with a laser in order to supercharge its thermal heat signature, making it possible for the Justice League to track. Disintegrated before his son's very eyes, Silas' death affected the entire Justice League, recognizing the man's sacrifice with solemn reverence.


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