Disney+'s X-Men Show Gets New Season 2 Update from Rogue Actor

One of the stars from the MCU"s upcoming X-Men show on Disney+ just shared a new update on Season 2.
X-Men "97 is still some time away from release, but Marvel Studios already has plans for the show"s future with Season 2 having been confirmed for development in February 2023.
Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently teased that X-Men "97 will "really bring you back to the core of who the X-Men are," bringing the classic "90s versions of the mutants into the spotlight for years to come.
X-Men "97 Season 2 Gets New UpdateIn a new update on X (formerly Twitter), X-Men "97 star Lenore Zann shared a selfie from a recording studio, announcing she is back recording lines for Season 2 of the animated series.
The original X-Men: The Animated Series voice actress confirmed she is in Burbank, California to put her work in for her voice role as Rogue, letting fans know that they are "gonna love [the] new show" as much as she does:
"LA, California, Dec 7, 2023: Happy to be back in the studio continuing to record Season 2 of "X-Men 97" for Marvel Studios - this time in Burbank. Grateful to be back and I jes’ know y’all are gonna love our new show as much as I do."
She also included a selfie from the studio, in which she"s donning a Letterman-style jacket with Rogue embroidered on the right side and a large X on the left:
XThis comes after Zann confirmed in August 2023 that production on Season 2 had started as she went back into the studio to reprise her Mutant role for the second time under Marvel Studios" watch.
When Will X-Men "97 Debut?For the time being, there is still plenty of work that needs to be done before X-Men "97 Season 2 is ready to air on Disney+, especially after how many times Season 1 was delayed.
Currently, Season 1 is confirmed to begin streaming on Disney+ in 2024; The Hollywood Reporter shared that the series is set to release "early" in the year, though there is no specific date set in stone yet.
Marvel may want to leave some room in between releases after What If...? Season 2"s run on Disney+ between December 22 and December 30, which could push X-Men 97"s debut until February or March at the earliest.
But with the X-Men becoming much more prevalent in the MCU thanks to Deadpool 3, Marvel is sure to want to keep work moving on the beloved animated X-Men revival.
And with Zann previously teasing a "wild" first batch of episodes, the expectations will certainly be high for the multiple confirmed seasons coming in the next few years."
X-Men "97 will debut on Disney+ sometime in 2024.


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