The High Republic"s Most Dangerous Villains Have Appeared On Star Wars TV For The First Time

  • Star Wars' High Republic era introduces the dangerous Nihil, wielding rare technology and powerful creatures, even feared by the Jedi Order.
  • The Nihil made their television debut in the preschool-aged show Young Jedi Adventures, though the full danger of the marauders was obviously not shown.
  • Led by Marchion Ro, the Nihil possess Path Engines for hyperspace traversal and control the Nameless, predators that feed on Force-sensitives.
Star Wars has finally brought the High Republic's most dangerous villains to the screen. Known as the Nihil, this group of marauders operating centuries before The Phantom Menace wielded a dark combination of both rare technology and devastatingly powerful creatures, becoming a true threat to the entire galaxy, even to the Jedi Order. Now, the Nihil have made their first-ever television debut, albeit in a somewhat surprising show.
As seen in the hit kids' show Young Jedi Adventures on Disney+, the High Republic-set series just featured members of the Nihil in the episode "An Adventure With Master Yoda". Starring its classic trio with Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs, the three younglings were joined by Jedi Master Yoda and their pilot friend Nash as they pursued two marauders who were attempting to steal two Jedi starfighters known as Vectors. As featured on their clothes and ship, the red storm symbol of the Nihil is clearly featured during the space chase:
While Yoda and his students ultimately get the ships back from the Nihil marauders who subsequently fled, the true scope and danger of the Nihil were obviously not shown in this animated series considering its preschool-aged demographic.


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