10 Most Convincing Theories About What The DC Universe Will Look Like

  • James Gunn and Peter Safran are spearheading the rebooted DC Universe, but many details about the upcoming franchise are still unknown.
  • Various theories suggest that the DCU may include major villains like Centre and Amanda Waller, as well as superhero teams such as Justice League International, Justice League Dark, and many versions of the Lanterns Corps.
  • Possible DCU storylines include a Superman and Batman crossover, the formation of the Justice League Dark with Swamp Thing, and the death of Damian Wayne in The Brave and the Bold.
Almost a year after James Gunn's official announcement of the new DC Universe, many convincing theories have suggested several potential storylines for the rebooted franchise. After a lengthy period of behind the scenes drama, controversies surrounding high-profile actors, and disappointing performances at the box office, Warner Bros. and DC Studios made moves to reboot the DC Extended Universe into a new franchise. Acclaimed filmmaker James Gunn and producer Peter Safran were hired as co-CEOs of DC Studios in November 2022, and the pair immediately set plans in motion to kick off the new DC Universe, though questions have still gone unanswered concerning what the upcoming franchise will actually look like.
Gunn officially announced a new slate of projects on January 31, 2023. These ten upcoming films and TV shows, including the likes of Superman: Legacy, The Brave and the Bold, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, Booster Gold, and Paradise Lost, among others, are expected to form part of the DC Universe's Chapter 1, titled "Gods and Monsters". Since only a portion of Chapter 1's projects have currently been revealed, not much is known about the overarching storyline of the new shared universe, though many have speculated about potential crossovers, DC Comics story adaptations, and highly-anticipated character introductions that could shape the DCU into a much stronger entity than its DCEU predecessor.


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