Star Wars: 12 Crucial Original Trilogy Events That Happened Off-Screen

  • The Star Wars original trilogy left out crucial events from the galaxy far, far away, but most of them are depicted in the franchise's non-movie material.
  • Star Wars expanded to include films, comics, novels, TV shows, and video games, with the franchise undergoing a partial reboot in 2014.
  • Many unseen events in the original trilogy, such as the theft of the Death Star plans and Darth Vader hunting down Jedi, are explored in both canon and Legends non-movie materials.
The Star Wars original trilogy introduced viewers to a galaxy far, far away, though many crucial events are referenced rather than shown. Inspired by classic writers and filmmakers of his day, George Lucas crafted a deeply immersive science-fantasy universe that, ultimately, proved too large to fit into movie trilogies. While many of the unseen events in the original Star Wars trilogy would go on to be depicted in the prequel trilogy in the 90s and 2000s, most are depicted in the franchise’s non-movie material.
Star Wars has been a multimedia franchise since it began in 1977, with Marvel Comics publishing some of the franchise’s first original stories after the first Star Wars movie (later titled A New Hope). The Star Wars franchise would quickly grow to include not only films and comics, but also novels, radio dramas, spinoff movies, animated and live-action TV shows, and video games. The franchise would even undergo a partial reboot in 2014, with the original and prequel trilogies remaining part of both the Legends continuity and the new canon. In both timelines, these materials expanded the lore of the Star Wars galaxy and properly depicted the following 12 events only referenced in the original trilogy.


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