Thor 5"s Huge New Tease Can Finally Set Up An Iconic Marvel Villain"s Return

  • The Marvels' Valkyrie cameo teases the possibility of Marvel's Siege being adapted in Thor 5, potentially introducing the MCU's Norman Osborn.
  • New Asgard's status as an alien haven on Earth could lead to a conflict in Thor 5 similar to the one Norman Osborn caused in the comics, where he targeted extraterrestrial refugees when he attacked Asgard.
  • The MCU's Siege adaptation could explore Norman Osbron beyond the Green Goblin, which would allow actors to do something different to what Willem Dafoe accomplished with the character.
The Marvels' nod to a famous Marvel Comics storyline teases the MCU's Norman Osborn potentially starring in Thor 5. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a behemoth of a franchise, filled with hundreds of characters and multiple parallel storylines. While most upcoming MCU movies and shows are building up to Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars, some of them are also setting up other stories and comic book adaptations that give certain MCU characters their time in the spotlight. For instance, The Marvels' ending scene sets up the Young Avengers, and multiple Phase 4 and 5 movies and shows teased the titular team's first mission together in 2025's Thunderbolts.
Some MCU set-ups have been more subtle. For instance, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings' post-credits scene set up the Ten Rings' mysterious extraterrestrial origin, which Captain Marvel somehow didn't acknowledge in The Marvels despite her encounter with the suspiciously similar Quantum Bands. What The Marvels does touch upon outside its main plot, however, is New Asgard's new status as an alien haven on Earth. Valkyrie's cameo in The Marvels may seem like a simple cameo, but her scene could bring drastic changes to the MCU in the future, and perhaps set up a live-action adaptation of a historic Marvel Comics storyline in the MCU's eventual Thor 5.
The Marvels Sets Up Thor 5's Siege Storyline In The Marvels, Captain Marvel and her two new superhero allies Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan rescue Tarnax inhabitants who survived Dar-Benn's attack. Fortunately for the aliens, Valkyrie is open to receiving them in New Asgard, as the Asgardians went through a similar experience after Asgard's destruction and Thanos' attack on the remaining Asgardian survivors. But as convenient as New Asgard is for alien refugees from all over the universe, Valkyrie's decision may spell doom for her kingdom in the future, as Secret Invasion's final episode featured U.S. President Ritson declaring war on every alien on Earth. This aligns perfectly with what happened with New Asgard in the source material.
The events of Marvel Comics' Secret Invasion storyline caused massive distrust from humans towards alien lifeforms on Earth, as the Skrulls infiltrated human society and impersonated multiple superheroes. Fortunately, the Skrull threat was neutralized, and defense systems against shapeshifting invaders were put in place. However, Secret Invasion's conflict led to a shakeup in the public perception of superheroes, which allowed villains to claim positions of power and use them for their own selfish gain. Most notably, Norman Osborn took over SHIELD and transformed it into the shady organization HAMMER, created the Dark Avengers, and targeted extraterrestrial refugees on New Asgard, the latter of which could become Thor 5's main conflict.


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