Tawny Newsome Says Starfleet Academy Series Is "A New Side of Star Trek"

  • Star Trek: Starfleet Academy offers a fresh perspective and a new side to the Star Trek universe.
  • Tawny Newsome is excited to be part of the show's writers' room, highlighting the talented and enjoyable team behind the series.
  • The upcoming YA-focused series will introduce new characters and bring a comedic twist, promising a unique and promising addition to the Star Trek franchise.
Star Trek: Lower Decks star Tawny Newsome says the upcoming Star Trek: Starfleet Academy series is "a new side to Star Trek." Starfleet Academy was announced in April, soon after Paramount+ revealed that the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery season 5 would be the series' final season. Newsome then Tweeted that she joined the Starfleet Academy writers' room, and she will be penning episodes of the new YA-focused show while continuing to voice Lieutenant Beckett Mariner in Star Trek: Lower Decks season 5.
In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant about Star Trek: Lower Decks season 4's finale, talk turned to Star Trek: Starfleet Academy and Tawny Newsome spoke about what it's been like since she joined the show's writers' room. Check out her quote below:
It's a new side of Starfleet. It's a new side of Star Trek, which I think you can infer from the title. We just haven't seen this exact area. And yeah, I think that we're just leaning into that... I can't say enough about the people in the room. Like, the team is maybe my favorite part of the job, because everyone is so so great. And I feel like I've just made such great friends in that room... Everyone is so fun. Our showrunners Alex Kurtzman and Naga Landau did such an incredible job of assembling just the best people on Earth. Everyone is nice. Everyone is fun. Everyone has a different set of skills. I love it. I think the audience is really gonna love this show. I really do.


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