All 8 Hero And Villain Suits In The Dark Knight Trilogy, Ranked

  • Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy established a realistic and dark tone for Batman, delivering visually iconic costumes for heroes and villains.
  • Villains in The Dark Knight trilogy had the challenge of looking practical in a grounded world; some designs worked better than others.
  • The suits in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises improved on the original Batsuit, while Joker's look struck a perfect balance between comic book inspiration and a fresh vision.
Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy is a relatively grounded take on Batman and his associated characters, but it still delivers a handful of superheroes and villains dressed up in notable attire. The DC trilogy reinvented Batman for the big screen in more than one way, establishing the more realistic and dark tone that most subsequent interpretations have followed and re-tooling the Batsuit into something slightly more practical and functional. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises don't quite go as full-on vibrant as the characters in previous Batman movies, but the costume team succeeded in keeping each hero and villain visually iconic.
However, that task seems a bit more difficult for the many villains of The Dark Knight trilogy. While Bruce Wayne can explain away his near-future gadgets with his near-bottomless resources and wealth, the villains need a practical reason to look as they do in a world more resembling real life. Not every look is equally successful, but overall, the trilogy delivers many suits and costumes that remain synonymous with their wearers today.


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