The MCU"s Avengers Replacements Battle Marvel"s Superman In Thunderbolts Fan Trailer

  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe is finally bringing the Thunderbolts together in Phase 5, with a movie that may feature Sentry as the main villain.
  • Screen Culture released a fan trailer envisioning Sentry as the antagonist for the Thunderbolts, adding fuel to the rumors surrounding his potential MCU debut.
  • If Stephen Yeun's mystery character is indeed Sentry, it would be intriguing to see how the MCU adapts the character since he has never appeared in live-action before.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe brings the Marvel character Sentry to life in a new Thunderbolts fan trailer. The MCU have been working on getting the Thunderbolts together for several years as they have introduced numerous characters for their team-up series. MCU Phase 5 will finally see the group coming together, as Marvel Studios is developing a Thunderbolts movie, which will be one of the final installments before the franchise gets into Phase 6.
While the members for Thunderbolts have been set, Marvel Studios is still keeping a lot of plot details under wraps. As the world keep speculating what is going down in the MCU ensemble, Screen Culture released a new Thunderbolts fan trailer, meant to be a proof-of-concept for the potential storyline that may take place in the movie.
The Thunderbolts fan trailer imagines the team going up against Sentry, one of the most powerful characters in Marvel Comics. In this version of Thunderbolts, Baron Zemo also gets included as a member, as he is canonically part of the team in the comics.


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