James Gunn"s 5 Favorite Comic Book Movies Leave Out MCU & Include 2 Surprising Choices

James Gunn's five favorite comic book movies have been revealed, and his list leaves out the Marvel Cinematic Universe while including two surprising choices. Gunn has quite the experience in the comic book movie medium, having directed a Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy for Marvel Studios and helmed The Suicide Squad for DC. Gunn is also the person in charge of the creative side of the new DC Universe, with a 10-year plan in motion. Given his experiences, Gunn's list of favorite comic book movies is a little surprising.
Speaking with GQ, Gunn revealed that his top five favorite comic book movies are Deadpool, Oldboy, A History of Violence, Superman (1978), and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, from least to most favorite. Gunn's list does not contain an MCU film but does feature two Marvel movies, with Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool 3 now bringing that franchise into the MCU. The director did say that Iron Man and Spider-Man: Homecoming almost made the list, showing what his favorite MCU films might be. While Superman being included makes sense for Superman: Legacy's director, the inclusion of the lesser-known Oldboy and A History of Violence says a lot about Gunn's sensibilities as a filmmaker.


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