The Flash Movie Creates A Problem For DC Universe"s Supergirl Film

The Flash's introduction of Sasha Calle's Kara creates a problem for the DC Universe's Supergirl movie. The Flash's story will see Barry Allen's time travel shenanigans force a team-up between the Scarlet Speedster and other DC superheroes. Supergirl is confirmed to be among the heroes fighting at Barry's side against General Zod.
Once again, Michael Shannon's General Zod will attempt to execute his plan to terraform the Earth. For one reason or another, Henry Cavill's Superman won't be on hand. However, Barry and the two versions of Batman will get to count on the assistance of at least one Kryptonian hero. As the marketing confirms, Sasha Calle's DCEU character will play a substantial role in The Flash. Interestingly, this may not be a good thing for DC's future plans, which includes the film, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.
Sasha Calle Already Looks Amazing As Supergirl In The Flash Movie Every scene with Calle's Supergirl in The Flash footage looks incredible, which is a sign that her role will be one of the movie's highlights. Calle's Supergirl will be integral to The Flash's plot, as she takes on the role Superman had in the comic book Flashpoint story, which the movie is loosely based on. In the comics, Superman was trapped ever since arriving on Earth, with the hero being but a pale reflection of the main DC Universe Superman. The Flash's trailers have confirmed that Calle's Supergirl will be in the same general situation Superman was in Flashpoint, adding a fight with Zod to that story.
If her scenes live up to expectations, Calle's Supergirl has the potential to be an excellent addition to the film and the DCEU as a whole; however, The Flash would end up creating a major problem for the new DC Universe. Calle's Supergirl comes from before The Flash's DCEU reset, which would make it hard for the actress to play the character in the hero's upcoming DC Universe film. Given what has been shown of Kara's The Flash story, Calle's Flashpoint-inspired Supergirl would not fit the version of the hero that is expected to lead a solo DC Universe film, which should focus on a more traditional Supergirl.


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