5 Iron Man Replacements For MCU Phase 6 Ranked Worst To Best

Iron Man has a collection of heroes who can replace him in Phase 6 of the MCU. However, some candidates are better suited than others despite their shared potential to inherit his legacy. After all, filling in the shoes of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is a rather tall order for any current or future Avenger.
As seen in Avengers: Endgame, Tony Stark sacrificed himself to defeat Thanos, ensuring that half of all life in the universe would remain restored five years after the Snap with the Infinity Stones. Using the Stones which claimed his life, Iron Man's final act was his greatest in the MCU. As such, the legacy he left behind means someone will eventually step up to become the MCU's next Armored Avenger, likely in Phase 6 with Avengers: Kang Dynasty and/or Avengers: Secret Wars. Here are the 5 top heroes to replace Iron Man, ranked from least to most likely.


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