Doctor Strange Star Cast as New Marvel Character In Upcoming Movie

Doctor Strange actor Chiwetel Ejiofor will make his Marvel comeback in a different universe as he is set to join Tom Hardy in Sony Pictures" Venom 3.
Ejiofor had a memorable stint as Baron Mordo in the first Doctor Strange movie, serving as an ally first to Benedict Cumberbatch’s titular hero before turning heel at the end.
While the Earth-616 version of the character didn’t appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, an alternate Variant of Mordo made his presence felt in the sequel as one of the members of the Illuminati of Earth-838.
Although Mordo’s fate in the MCU is still unknown, Ejiofor’s Marvel stint is far from over.
Baron Mordo Actor Joins Venom 3 MarvelAs per Deadline, Chiwetel Ejiofor reportedly "closed a deal" to star in Venom 3 in an unknown role. 
The Doctor Strange star, who portrayed the MCU"s Baron Mordo, will make his Marvel comeback after starring in last year"s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
This casting lines up with a previous rumor claiming that Ejiofor is being eyed by  Sony Pictures for a key role in the Marvel threequel. 
Who Will Chiwetel Ejiofor Play in Venom 3?Chiwetel Ejiofor’s incredible performance as Baron Mordo in the MCU might’ve caught the attention of Sony Pictures and the creatives behind Venom 3.
It is unknown who exactly Ejiofor is playing in Venom 3, but the actor’s star power and acting prowess could hint that he will portray the threequel’s main villain.
Venom actor Tom Hardy already teased that Venom 3 is Eddie Brock’s “last dance” in Sony’s Marvel universe, meaning the villain must be memorable.
After defeating Riot and Carnage, Ejiofor could portray another symbiote-infused villain. Sony Pictures could go big and tap Ejiofor to play Knull, the god of symbiotes. 
Doing this would allow the Venom franchise to have a massive endgame while also making history by showcasing the first live-action version of Knull. 
Other potential characters that Ejiofor could play are The Jury, Sin-Eater, or Lee Price. 
Venom 3 has no release date yet.


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