10 Most Brutal Battles In The MCU, Ranked

As The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown over the years, there have been many brutal battles between Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the many villains they have faced, as well as the good guys fighting among themselves at times. Throughout its existence, the MCU has managed to outdo itself multiple times, with later movies being able to get bigger and weirder with their battles and settings. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania was proof of the phenomenon, with the movie taking the Ant-Man family for an adventure that took place almost entirely in the Quantum Realm. The setting allowed for interesting characters and scenarios that were not possible on Earth.
As the MCU grew, so did its audience, and Marvel has made an effort to diversify its output for as many different tastes as possible. While MCU projects have varied in characters and genres, all of them have had in common at least one major battle between their heroes and villains. Action-packed match-ups in the MCU have varied from intimate one-on-one fight scenes to enormous battles with consequences for the entire universe — or multiverse. Between those battles, there have emerged some really brutal sequences that kept audiences on the edge of their seat.
10 The Battle Of New York The Avengers' Battle of New York deserves a place on the list as the first major battle in the MCU with Earth's Mightiest Heroes as a team. The Avengers fought the vicious alien army of the Chitauri, controlled by Loki. The Battle of New York saw a large scale of destruction, with the heroes trying to stop the Chitauri Invasion from leveling the city as New Yorkers ran for their lives. The CGI was impeccable, and the scope of the fight was the biggest the MCU had ever seen at the time. It's not terribly brutal by modern standards, but the alien horde of enemies allowed a bit more violence and destruction.


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