James Gunn Teases Key DC Hero Character For His Superman Reboot

Superman: Legacy director James Gunn teases that a key DC Comics hero is being eyed to join his DC Universe installment. The Man of Steel is getting ready to be reimagined for the big screen once again as DC Studios is prepping its new interconnected franchise. With Gunn as one of the co-CEOs, the Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker is set to helm the new Superman: Legacy reboot, which marks one of the essential Chapter 1 projects for the DC Universe. Production is currently on track to start sometime in 2024 to meet its 2025 release date.
As Gunn is wrapping up his time with Marvel Studios this year through Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, the filmmaker accidentally let slip that another DC hero will be joining Superman: Legacy. In an interview with Toronto Sun, Gunn and Chris Pratt were having a conversation about Krypto the Superdog. But when it became evident that Gunn wasn't kidding about the iconic Superpet appearing in the new reboot, the director clarified that Krypto is indeed appearing in Superman: Legacy.
Gunn: I was hoping I could cast you as Krypto the Superdog (in Superman Legacy). You could do motion capture on set and walk around on your hands and knees, but you can’t talk.
Pratt: I’ll do Krypto but you have to pay me in crypto.
Gunn: I’ll pay you in crypto, which amounts to zero dollars. [laughs]
Pratt: “It sounds like there’s going to be a character called Krypto in Superman — breaking news.”
Toronto Sun: That’s a scoop for me.
Gunn: It is a scoop, I guess.
Pratt: “Way to go. You’re fired. Back to Marvel.” [laughs]


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