Reverse-Flash Returning For The Flash Series Finale: Will Be Season 1 Version

The Flash series finale will feature the return of Tom Cavanagh's Reverse Flash, as the season 1 version of Eobard Thawne will appear in the last episode. The Arrowverse's longest-running series is approaching its end as The Flash season 9 is executing its final storyline. The CW drama is right now in the midst of its four-part series finale, "A New World," which will challenge Barry Allen's legacy one last time. Similar to other shows that hit their final seasons, The Flash is not holding back when it comes to bringing back fan favorites.
While he died in The Flash season 8, Barry's story wouldn't be what it is without the Reverse Flash, and the series finale is looking to honor that. Entertainment Weekly confirmed that Cavanagh is officially set to reprise the role of the speedster villain in the final episode, "A New World, Part Four," which airs on Wednesday, May 24. According to showrunner Eric Wallace, this will be The Flash season 1 version of Eobard, as he shared the following on Cavanagh's final return:
This is Barry Allen's final race, so you can't tell that story without including his most infamous adversary: The Reverse-Flash. Having brilliantly played the character since season 1, bringing Tom back as our show concludes its run was always part of the plan. Tom's exciting portrayal of Eobard Thawne has been unforgettable for nine years, and fans will be delighted to know that he's brought that same wonderful intensity to our finale, too.


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