10 Things Star Wars Has Revealed About Darth Plagueis, Palpatine"s Master

Darth Plagueis was Palpatine's master, and while much of his life remains a mystery, Star Wars canon has revealed 10 things about the legendary Sith Lord. Plagueis' backstory was first hinted at in Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith and later expanded in great detail through the old Star Wars Expanded Universe. Most of that history was made non-canon after the EU was rebranded as "Legends," relegating much of Plagueis' story to a separate continuity. However, certain aspects of Plagueis' story remain intact, and canon sources have continued to add more information about his role in shaping the Star Wars universe.
This includes a timeline of major events in Plagueis' life, his relationship with the future Emperor Palpatine, and how his story inevitably ended. Though not as detailed as the Legends universe, these bits of information paint a clearer picture of one of Star Wars' most important characters and add depth to Palpatine's story in the movies. Palpatine was the true villain of each trilogy in the Skywalker saga, but many of his plans and accomplishments can trace their origin back to Plagueis. Here are 10 things Star Wars has revealed about Darth Plagueis in canon and how they may shape his story going forward.
10 Plagueis' Species Darth Plagueis' canon appearance is hidden in shadows, but it has been confirmed that the Sith Lord was a Muun. George Lucas was the one who suggested that Plagueis was a Muun when creating the character, and author James Luceno chose to honor that in the Legends novel Star Wars: Darth Plagueis. This was confirmed to still be canon in the sourcebook Endless Vigil for the roleplaying game Star Wars: Force and Destiny. Plagueis has only been shown with a hood masking his face in Star Wars: The Secrets of the Sith, but because he's still a Muun, he likely looks the same as he did in the Legends continuity.
9 Plagueis' Sith Master Darth Tenebrous trained Plagueis in the ways of the Sith, and a certain clue hints that his canon history may be similar to Legends. Star Wars: Build the Millennium Falcon suggested that Tenebrous designed the Scimitar, Darth Maul's personal starship in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, which is in line with Tenebrous' Legends history as a starship engineer. Legends depicted Tenebrous as a male Bith named Rugess Nome, though it is unclear if this is still canon. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker's Visual Dictionary did confirm that the 26th Legion of Palpatine's Sith Eternal was called the "Tenebrous Legion."
8 When Palpatine Became Plagueis' Apprentice Star Wars canon has hinted that 65 BBY is when Palpatine became Plagueis' apprentice in the timeline, making him roughly 19 years old at the start of his training. Star Wars: Timelines confirmed that Naboo's plasma refinery complex was constructed in 65 BBY by Damask Holdings, a company owned by Hego Damask, Darth Plagueis' alter ego in Legends. Star Wars: Darth Plagueis originally had Damask meet a young Palpatine shortly after arriving on Naboo, so the same thing likely happened in canon. Having Palpatine start his Sith journey at 19 years old also mirrors characters like Luke Skywalker and Rey beginning their Jedi quests at the same age.
7 When Plagueis Helped Palpatine Become Senator In addition to teaching Palpatine the ways of the Sith, Plagueis helped his apprentice cultivate skills as a politician, leading to Palpatine becoming Naboo's senator in 52 BBY. This was revealed in Star Wars: Timelines, and it gives Palpatine a full twenty years to become a successful career politician, carefully manipulating events behind the scenes to get what he wanted. With Palpatine representing Naboo and Plagueis advising him from the shadows, the two successfully engineered the Trade Federation blockade. The conflict ended with Palpatine's ascendancy to the Chancellorship, his first step to eventually becoming Emperor.
6 Plagueis Could Manipulate The Midi-Chlorians Though originally designed as a lie that Palpatine used to manipulate Anakin, Star Wars canon has confirmed that Plagueis could indeed manipulate the Midi-chlorians. Plagueis' study of the microscopic lifeforms gave him a greater understanding of the Force, allowing him to save others from death and even induce the Midi-chlorians to create life. The Legends continuity even speculated that Plagueis' tampering with the Force is how Anakin Skywalker was created, though this has never been officially confirmed. Despite his best efforts to extend his own life, Plagueis was ultimately unable to save himself, dying in his sleep at Palpatine's hand.
5 Plagueis Was Obsessed With Becoming Immortal The Sith's main objective was to destroy the Jedi Order and bring an end to the Republic, but Plagueis was just as committed to achieving immortality for himself. Plagueis manipulated the Midi-chlorians into preserving and creating life because he thought it would enable him to discover the secret of extending his own life indefinitely. He experimented with other dark side practices along the way, some of which would later benefit his apprentice. Plagueis gained a great deal of power through his studies, but he also feared that he would lose it, which eventually came true when Palpatine betrayed and killed his master.
4 Plagueis Attempted To Create A Force Dyad Palpatine immediately deduced that Rey and Ben Solo were a dyad in the Force because Plagueis had attempted to form his own. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Expanded Edition by Rae Carson revealed that Plagueis tried creating a Force dyad with Palpatine, who later attempted to forge a similar bond with Anakin, but neither Sith Lord was successful. Plagueis' obsession with becoming immortal explains why he would have attempted such a feat, seeking power like life itself. Palpatine eventually proved this when he stole the power of Rey and Ben's bond to restore himself, though he was subsequently defeated by Rey.
3 Palpatine Survived Because Of Plagueis After falling to his apparent death, Palpatine survived by transferring his spirit into a clone body, a technique he learned from Plagueis. The Secrets of the Sith explained that Essence Transfer was one of the many abilities that Plagueis explored in his quest for immortality. Ironically, this is in stark contrast to Plagueis in Legends, who specifically said that he wouldn't be satisfied with transferring his spirit into a clone. Star Wars canon, meanwhile, made clear that this is what Palpatine was referring to when he told Anakin and later Kylo Ren that "the dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural."


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