Margot Robbie Looks Great As Sue Storm In MCU Fantastic Four Fan Art

Margot Robbie gets imagined as Sue Storm for the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Fantastic Four movie in new fan art. Marvel's First Family is finally getting home, with the Fantastic Four movie set to debut in theaters in 2025. WandaVision's Matt Shakman directs the movie, getting the position after MCU Spider-Man trilogy director, Jon Watts, bowed out of the role. Shakman now has the job of casting some of Marvel's most important characters, and rumors have been flying about whom the frontrunners for the roles might be. One of the latest rumors points out Robbie for Sue Storm, and this stunning fan art imagines that casting coming true.
On Instagram, digital artist @venomhology shared a fan art of what Robbie could look like as the Fantastic Four's Invisible Woman, Sue Storm.
Robbie looks pitch-perfect as Sue in the fan art; however, it might be hard for her to take on the role. Robbie is known in the superhero medium for playing Harley Quinn in multiple DC movies. The actress' portrayal turned Harley Quinn into a household name, and with her The Suicide Squad director James Gunn now in charge of the DC Universe, Robbie should return as Harley in the future, making a jump to Marvel Studios for Fantastic Four difficult.
Latest MCU Fantastic Four Casting Rumors Explained Many actors have had their names linked to Marvel's Fantastic Four through a series of rumors in the last year. Stars such as Penn Badgley, Jodie Comer, Jason Segel, Diego Luna, and more have appeared as potential candidates to lead Fantastic Four. While several possible names have appeared throughout the last year, casting for the movie is finally ramping up, and with it, a series of new Fantastic Four rumors have emerged.
The new rumors claim certain actors have already been offered roles in the MCU film. Among them is Robbie as Sue Storm, Adam Driver as Reed Richards, and Paul Mescal as Johnny Storm. While the rumors have since pointed at Mescal passing on the MCU role, Robbie and Driver are allegedly a lock to lead Marvel's Fantastic Four. The rumors are exciting, as Robbie and Driver are two of the best working actors in Hollywood at the moment, which would bring a certain gravitas to Fantastic Four.


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