The Flash Supercut Recreates Barry Allen"s Mom"s Death Using Footage From All 9 Seasons

A The Flash supercut video brings full circle to Barry Allen's mother's death by using pivotal footage from all nine seasons. As The Flash season 9 is wrapping up several storylines, the Arrowverse drama recently concluded one of the arcs that have been building up since the season 1 finale. One of the plots the show has revisited multiple times is the night when Reverse-Flash murders Barry's mother. From the season 1 finale to their Flashpoint adaptation, The Flash season 9, episode 10, "A New World, Part One," brought closure to that arc as the present Barry became The Flash who stopped his younger self from saving Nora Allen.
After having explored this storyline between Barry and Eobard Thawne for several seasons, it became one of the most celebrated moments in The Flash fandom last week across social media. Given how often The Flash has revisited the past, Ultra Edits, a talented YouTube editor, put together the ultimate supercut of what went down on March 18, 2000, from all the different perspectives.
The supercut includes pivotal scenes from The Flash season 1, 2, 3, and 5 while combining them with the moments from The Flash season 9, episode 10. While it took nearly a decade for the Arrowverse drama to bring a conclusion to the arc, many are thankful that The Flash season 9 was able to complete it as they head into their final batch of episodes.


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