Star Wars Jedi Survivor Best Stance To Use

There are a total of 5 lightsaber stances in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, 3 of which are available at the beginning of the game, Single, Dual Wield, and Double Bladed. Two additional stances, the Crossguard and Blaster stances get unlocked at later stages of the game. The capabilities of each stance vary, and some players may feel more comfortable with one stance over another. It's important to note that the stances by default are very basic and are lacking severely in their potential until choosing the best skills for each stance.
Ultimately, the stance to fight with largely comes down to one's own personal preference. Any of the lightsaber stances available can be used to handle most situations. Some lightsaber stances do however stand out as stronger than others in certain situations. Finally, the skills that can be chosen in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor enhance each stance substantially and improve what each stance is good for. They also provide abilities that can partly fill in the gaps in areas that the stance may be lacking.


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