12 Arrowverse Teases & Setups It Will Never Address Now That It"s Over

There are many teases and story setups from the DC TV shows making up the Arrowverse that will now never be addressed. The Arrowverse was an amazing creative achievement. Not only did the Arrowverse concept unify every superhero show on The CW network in a shared multiverse, but every live-action adaptation of a DC Comics property in film or television following the Crisis on Infinite Earths event.
Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic and changes in ownership at both The CW and Warner Bros killed the plans for the future of the Arrowverse. The promise of more-frequent crossovers and the introduction of more heroes into the Arrowverse canon went unfulfilled. With the Arrowverse setting effectively over after the final episode of The Flash season 9, it seems unlikely many of the proposed stories and cliffhangers will ever be resolved.


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