First Deadpool 3 Photos Show Ryan Reynolds With Fan on Set

A fan met Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds in the first publicly-released set photos from the MCU"s upcoming threequel, Deadpool 3.
After months of intense physical training to get back into superhero shape, Reynolds is officially underway with production for his long-awaited first MCU movie - the first mutant-centric film in Marvel Studios history.
And with recent weeks bringing the first sneak peek for fans into the final stages of set-up for Deadpool 3"s production schedule, it appears to be only a matter of time before viewers learn more about what the MCU"s first R-rated movie will deliver.
Deadpool 3 Set Photos Show Ryan Reynolds With FanThe Children"s Dream Fund Instagram page shared several photos from the London set of Marvel Studios" Deadpool 3, which show Ryan Reynolds with a young fan named Riley Mook.
InstagramReynolds is seen chatting up the young fan, who"s decked out in his own Deadpool shirt, with a large white sheet hanging behind them to cover up the Deadpool 3 set.

"Imagine becoming besties with Ryan Reynolds, then take it a step further and picture doing it on the set of Deadpool 3, in England!! Dreams really do come true! Riley and his Moms spent the afternoon with the cast and crew of Deadpool including...Ryan Reynolds, Director Shawn Levy, and the Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman! We are so thankful for Ryan and his incredible team for their compassion and making this dream a reality."
Mook even got his own director"s chair decked out with his name in bright red font, as Reynolds signed it with one of his signature Deadpool phrases - "Maximum effort!"

This comes just over a month after Colossus star Stefan Kapicic celebrated the start of filming for Deadpool 3, which is currently moving forward in London, England.
When Will Fans See More Deadpool 3 Photos?According to Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld, Marvel Studios" Deadpool 3 cast is so stacked that it "will melt [fans"] faces," a possible indication that this movie will deliver one of the biggest crossover events in MCU history.
Combine that with the rumor that this threequel will dive further into the idea of the Multiverse than any MCU movie to date, and it all sets up for something that could change the standard for Marvel Studios outings moving forward.
MCU newcomer Hugh Jackman also teased the start of filming for his Marvel Studios debut as Wolverine a couple of weeks ago, sporting the classic Logan beard as he looks to likely play more than one Variant of the iconic mutant.
With more than a handful of stars confirmed to return from the first two movies, and then with a couple of important players from the Loki series on Disney+, the Merc with a Mouth looks to come into his MCU debut with a bang in more ways than one.
After a recent shift in Marvel Studios" Multiverse Saga release dates, Deadpool 3 will now debut in theaters on May 3, 2024.


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