Marvel Is Unhappy With 1 Upcoming Disney+ Show, Says MCU Stuntman

MCU stuntman Chris Brewster claimed Marvel Studios is unhappy with a 2023 Disney+ show and even considered canceling it altogether.
Fan reactions to the MCU"s latest projects have undeniably been far less positive than those seen across the Infinity Saga. And that sentiment is reportedly echoed throughout Marvel Studios itself, with the studio eyeing major changes to improve the quality of its Phases 5 and 6 projects after being unhappy with Phase 4.
Those changes are already being felt by audiences as the studio recently made a major switch-up to its script strategy and has even delayed a massive number of projects amid the ongoing writers" strike plaguing Hollywood.
Disney+"s Echo Was Supposedly Almost Canceled Marvel Veteran Marvel stuntman Chris Brewster recently made an appearance on the Ikuzo Unscripted podcast where he claimed Marvel Studios is "unhappy" with Echo and how the Disney+ series even came close to cancelation. 
Brewster has a long history of working with Marvel Studios in the stunt department and is even currently working on Captain America: Brave New World. His past work on the MCU includes The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Ant-Man and The Wasp, Black Panther, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Daredevil, and more.
The stuntman revealed that while "Echo isn’t out yet," he has heard, presumably through connections at the studio and on the project, "that it’s just... bad.”
After the host shared that they thought the series had been canceled, Brewster stated "They were going to Batgirl it" - indicating plans to scrap the show as a tax write-off akin to the abandoned 2022 DC movie - but instead opted to conduct reshoots and release the series:
“Uh, yeah, well, they… I always get the word of mouth. I heard they were going to ‘Batgirl’ it, because they weren’t happy with it and now they’re doing reshoots and are planning on airing it. But I think that could also have something to do with the fact that there’s a strike and there’s not a lot of content right now, so like, ‘We have it made already.’"
Is Disney+"s Echo Really That Bad?The words of Chris Brewster aren"t the first to indicate there may be trouble surrounding Echo, as the Hawkeye spin-off already faced a massive delay from its original Summer 2023 release, with the project now landing in late November.
Head writer Marion Dayre herself even stated how the development of Echo required her to "work with deadlines" and there are things she would have done "a little bit differently" if she had been allowed more time to work with, indicating she herself believes she was forced to rush the series.
Following the delay, Marvel Studios may well have been able to sort out the six-episode Echo series to create a better final product. However, the decision to drop the show as the MCU"s first binge release on November 29 hasn"t exactly filled many with hope about the quality of the show.
If Brewster"s claim that the series was almost canceled is accurate, that would certainly have been a drastic move that would signal a truly horrific result, as Marvel Studios has never in its history abandoned an already-filmed project.
However, based on past reports canceling Echo may not have actually even been an option, as the series reportedly involves elements with Kingpin and Daredevil that will be integral to setting up the events of Daredevil: Born Again.
All six episodes of Echo will release on November 29.


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