Star Wars Outlaws Forgets What Makes Speeder Bikes So Cool

Star Wars Outlaws promises to bring a vast action gameplay experience to a galaxy far, far away, but one aspect that the game doesn't seem to get right is the speeder bikes. Speeder bikes have been an iconic part of Star Wars ever since the chase through the forest on Endor in Return of the Jedi, which used Lucasfilm's effects wizardry to dial in a high-speed pursuit weaving in and out of towering redwoods. The inclusion of speeder bikes should be a perfect tool to build gripping gameplay sequences, but the film's most important lesson seems to be largely ignored in the gameplay.
Developed by Massive Entertainment and published by Ubisoft, Star Wars Outlaws represents a major venture for a series that has seen something of a slump in the gaming sphere. EA's exclusivity contract for Star Wars games slowed releases for a decade, and although highlights like the recent Star Wars Jedi: Survivor delivered on the potential of the franchise, many fans have been clamoring for more single-player experiences than the select few released in recent years. As an open-world game that lets players explore a number of planets, dialing in tight, fast-paced action could give Star Wars Outlaws the key to be both encompassing and exciting.


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