Does Kraven the Hunter Have Powers? Movie vs. Comic Differences Explained

The new trailer for Kraven the Hunter is here, and the upcoming Spider-Man spinoff film"s teaser poses a key question: does its titular character have superpowers?
As one would expect, the footage includes a handful of great shots that show off Aaron Taylor Johnson in the role. There are also brief snippets of Ariana DeBose"s Calypso, Russell Crowe"s villainous father, the debut of a new Rhino, and more.
But what"s really getting the attention of fans worldwide is how supernaturally powerful the Spidey villain seems to be.
Kraven"s New Powers Revealed By Trailer MarvelThe newest trailer for Sony Picture"s Kraven the Hunter revealed to audiences that their version of Kraven will indeed be sporting some enhanced abilities.
Right at the start, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is seen bursting out of a window multiple stories high, sprinting down a highway, catching up to a moving vehicle, and ripping its door open—those aren"t things normal people can achieve.
MarvelJust that scene alone seems to indicate Kraven will have enhanced strength and speed. With how graceful he"s jumping all over the place, super agility is likely in the picture as well.
MarvelThen there"s Kraven"s "connection with animals [that] he uses to track his prey," a power referenced by a goon in voice-over. 
But how did he get all of these abilities? It isn"t revealed outright in the teaser, but there is a strong allusion that it has something to do with the day a lion nearly killed him.
MarvelAdditionally, Kraven"s eyes can be glowing at points in the trailer, further hinting that there is a supernatural element to his powerset.
What Are Kraven"s Powers? MarvelWhile it might not be inherently obvious on the surface, in the comics, Kraven the Hunter does, in fact, have powers.
Sergei Kravinoff gets enhanced abilities thanks to drinking some mystical potions from his love interest and partner Calypso. The powers given to him by these were deemed stronger than what even Captain America achieved with his super soldier serum.
His new upgrades include better strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, reflexes, extended life, and enhanced senses.
Past that, he has no special powers. Though, his expertise is rather vast.
The formidable hunter also is a weapon specialist, an accurate marksman, is unbeatable in his hunting and tracking abilities, and can train almost any animal—though, not through supernatural means.
Is Kraven as Strong as Spider-Man? MarvelWhile both versions of the Spider-Man villain look to have superpowers, the film does look to be making some notable changes.
For one, Ariana DeBose"s Calypso does not look like the Haitian voodoo mystic she is in the comics. It almost seems like she might come across Kraven after he"s gotten his powers, so her role in his life would be completely different.
Then there"s the allusion that Kraven"s fateful near-death experience might have altered him in some way—a chain of events that never happened in the comics.
But, if the day ever came, is Aaron Taylor Johnson"s Kraven capable of taking on Spider-Man himself? With those super abilities, it sure seems like he could.
After all, the version of the villain from the comics can easily give Peter Parker a run for his money. So, if this theatrical take on the character is anything like that, which it seems like he is, then Tom Holland might already be shaking in his boots.
Though, who knows if the two will ever actually meet.
Kraven the Hunter lands in theaters on October 6.


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