Venom 3: First Look at Tom Hardy's Return on Set (Low-res)

Tom Hardy came back into the Marvel spotlight thanks to the first photos of him on set as Eddie Brock, aka Venom, from Sony Pictures" upcoming Venom 3.
Hardy"s Venom is nearly two years removed from his last big-screen appearance in the post-credits scene from Spider-Man: No Way Home, which gave him his quick moment of MCU glory as the Multiverse got its first true shine.
And while there are no signs pointing to where Eddie Brock and his alien companion will go in Venom 3, their trip to another dimension is going to have a profound impact on their next wild adventure together under Sony Pictures.
Venom 3 Set Photos Highlight Tom HardyTwitter user @SpiderMan3news shared the first set video from Venom 3, showing Tom Hardy in action as Eddie Brock/Venom.
Hardy is shown walking down a road next to some old buildings, seemingly wearing a Hawaiian shirt and sandals.
TwitterInterestingly, the outfit actually looks similar to the one he wore during his post-credits scene from Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures" Spider-Man: No Way Home. That film ended with Brock going back to his own universe after Doctor Strange fixed his spell making the world forget about Peter Parker, which could be where this scene picks up.
Sony PicturesThe full video can be seen below:
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