Small Luke Skywalker Moment In The Last Jedi Shows Stunning Attention To Detail

A small Luke Skywalker detail featured in Star Wars: The Last Jedi proves the level of dedication and detail that was present in the sequel trilogy movie. Featuring Luke Skywalker in exile after the demise of his Jedi Academy, Luke had essentially given up on the ideals of the Jedi before the arrival of Rey in The Last Jedi. Accepting his old lightsaber, a tiny detail can be seen that proves the inherent Star Wars love during the development of Episode VIII (even if Skywalker does toss the lightsaber aside).
Having become a Jedi Knight during the events of the original trilogy's Return of the Jedi, Luke Skywalker successfully redeemed his father Anakin on board the second Death Star, leading to the demise of both the battle station and Emperor Palpatine. Luke would then form a new Jedi Academy, hoping to restore the Jedi Order Palpatine had destroyed in the prequel trilogy. While he was unsuccessful thanks to Ben Solo's corruption to the dark side, The Last Jedi confirms that the scars from the original trilogy remained with the Jedi Master.


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